Grounded in Love

Grounded in Love: Ecology, Faith, and Action

A series of lively and personal meditations leads the reader from the love in which all meaningful action is grounded, through the concern which is the catalyst for action and the ethics which guides our decision-making, to a consideration of some of the practical actions we can take in order to embody our hope for the earth's future.  Each meditation is preceded by a quotation from a spiritual tradition and followed by a prayer exercise.

Breath of God
The Breath of God: an Approach to Prayer

(Church Publishing, 2006)

How our physical breath can become a metaphor for the many ways of praying? The text is interspersed with exercises, and is useful for both individual and group exploration of prayer.

An Invitation to Christian Yoga Book and CD
(Church Publishing, 2005)

A theological rationale and simple guide to hatha yoga in a Christian context. Whatever one's age, the practices in this book will stretch both body and soul. (CD included)


Organic Prayer
(Church Publishing, 2007))

From soil to seeds to harvest, the garden can teach us much about the ways of God. "Spadework" at the end of each chapter adds an experiential component, for individuals or groups.

Spiritual Exercises (Church Publishing, 2005)

This book offers a "smorgasbord" of ways to integrate body and spirit in the journey of faith. The author suggests ways of using the exercise we already do (from Hatha Yoga, Pilates, walking and swimming to housework and gardening) as spiritual practice. Further sections provide ideas about expressing prayer through movement and understanding our bodies as "temples" of God's spirit.

Hymn Meditations
A Closer Walk: Meditating on Hymns for Year A (Church Publishing Inc., 1998)
Awake, My Soul! Meditating on Hymns for Year B (Church Publishing Inc., 1999)
New Every Morning: Meditating on Hymns for Year C (Church Publishing Inc., 2000)

The story of some hymn texts (about 70 in each volume) selected from The Hymnal 1982, each followed by a meditation. Useful for preaching, teaching, and personal prayer. Although the hymns follow the pattern of the church year, they can also be used at random.

Praise My Soul: Meditating on Hymns (Church Publishing Inc., 2001)

A larger-print edition of 38 hymns selected from the three books above.

For Children
Praying: a Book for Children (Church Publishing Inc., 1991)

This book about prayer and daily life is written specifically for eight to twelve-year-olds, but sections can be read to much younger children and adults can learn much from its pages.

We Sing of God: a Hymnal for Children (Church Publishing Inc., 1989) Teacher's, Guide, Children's Hymnbook, Music Worksheets, Cassette Tape.

This four-part project by Nancy and Robert Roth introduces children to 108 hymns from The Hymnal 1982 and includes simplified accompaniments, teaching guidelines, and imaginative suggestions about making each hymn come alive through movement, drama, and art.

Tween Prayer: Friendship with God (New York: Church Publishing, Inc., 2004)

"A charming introduction to prayer and journaling" -- Madeleine L'Engle

This book, which includes pages for journaling, is for girls in the "tween" years as they move towards adolescence. Tween Prayer broadens the concept of prayer, helping the reader to include God in all the events and issues of her life during this period of transition and growth.

For Choir Members
Meditations for Choir Members (Morehouse Publishing, 1999)

Part of Morehouse's "Faithful Servant Series", this small volume provides meditations on the varied experiences of a choir singer, among them rehearsals, trouble in the parish, contemplative listening and the communion of saints.

And also from the Roth family….
Wond'rous Machine: A Literary Anthology Celebrating the Organ, by Robert Roth (The Scarecrow Press, Inc., 2000)

A lively collection of selections from poetry, novels, essays, mysteries, and short stories, in which the pipe organ appears as a major character.

The Beetless' Gardening Book: an Organic Gardening Songbook/Guidebook, by Christopher Roth (Carrotseed Press, 1997. Available from: revnancyroth@aol.com

A hilarious and informative takeoff on the songs of the Beatles, in which the poetry of the "Beetless" informs the gardener about such topics as "Mulch!" or "I Want to Dig by Hand".


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